Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's finally finished! After over half a year of work my magnum opus of mapping is finally done.
Go get it!

But what does the future hold next? Without the responsibility of a map to make will I wither away with out relevance? Will I finally be able to just enjoy my vacation without having to do work? The future is now and all I want to do is play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Seriously guys (assuming theres more than one of you) go download Paranoia, you won't regret it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Shadgrimgrvy: SNUGGIE.
Fereles: Picture frames.
Shadgrimgrvy: Mental Hospital.
Fereles: Mad cow disease.
Shadgrimgrvy: Geneva Convention.
Fereles: Campbells chicken noodle soup.
Shadgrimgrvy: Bruce Campbell.
Fereles: Litter.
Shadgrimgrvy: Broomstick Handle Mauser C96.
Fereles: BAR rifle.
Shadgrimgrvy: Pretzels.
Fereles: Napkins.
Shadgrimgrvy: Plastic Forks.
Fereles: Airsoft rifle.
Fereles is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
Shadgrimgrvy: Springfield Rifle.
Fereles: Chest of rocks.
Shadgrimgrvy: Crabs.
Fereles: Punk.
Shadgrimgrvy: Fascist.
Fereles: Leadership.
Shadgrimgrvy: Victory.
Fereles: Defeat.
Shadgrimgrvy: Ayn Rand.
Fereles: Soda.
Shadgrimgrvy: Crossbows.
Fereles: Bacon.
Shadgrimgrvy: Surrender.
Fereles: Peelz.
Shadgrimgrvy: Nannerpuss.
Fereles: Topography.
Shadgrimgrvy: Unidentified Flying Objects.
Fereles: Poloroid cameras.
Shadgrimgrvy: Sylar.
Fereles: Pickles.
Shadgrimgrvy: Pencil Sharpeners.
Fereles: Jars.
Shadgrimgrvy: JARATE!
Fereles: Debates.
Shadgrimgrvy: Saxton Hale.
Fereles: Commentary
Shadgrimgrvy: I admit victory.
Fereles: Nardwuar.
Shadgrimgrvy: I'm sleepy and sad.
Fereles: cashews.
Shadgrimgrvy: Peanuts.
Fereles: Eyeballs.
Shadgrimgrvy: Bodily Fluids.
Fereles: Pupil
Shadgrimgrvy: Yellow.
Fereles: Adrenaline rush
Shadgrimgrvy: Coffee Mugs.
Fereles: Zorbees
Shadgrimgrvy: Awesome Auger.
Fereles: Samsung.
Shadgrimgrvy: Warner Music Group.
Fereles: Wrapper.
Shadgrimgrvy: Electric Light Orchestra.
Fereles: Surge Protector.
Shadgrimgrvy: DEVO.
Fereles: Plates.
Shadgrimgrvy: Centipeds.
Fereles: Keyboard
Shadgrimgrvy: Bath Salts.
Fereles: Caramel.
Shadgrimgrvy: Swords.
Fereles: Popcorn popper
Shadgrimgrvy: Magic Salt and Pepper Shakers.
Fereles: Unconquerable
Shadgrimgrvy: STALKERs.
Fereles: Dehumidifier
Shadgrimgrvy: Kritzkriegs.
Fereles: Blitzkrieg
Your chat with Fereles is now a multi-user chat.
Fereles has been invited to chat.
UH STRAYNJER has been invited to chat.
UH STRAYNJER entered chat.
Shadgrimgrvy: Panzerfausts.
Fereles: Zeppelin
Shadgrimgrvy: HA!
Shadgrimgrvy: YOU LOSE!
Fereles disconnected.
UH STRAYNJER left chat.
Shadgrimgrvy: HAHAHAHAH

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I haven't updated in so long I don't know where to start. First of all, today I had a vision; a vision of something wonderful, something that would change the way people think about the world forever. What I speak of, of course, is this dandy I made today.

It makes sense really. The fast zombie and Scout are very similar, no? They both run and jump around alot, both were made by Valve, and I can only assume both are from the New York area.

I've uploaded a few other videas to the Youtube as well. Nothing major, in fact they seem so inconsequential compared to my earlier (if of lower quality) videos that I feel like I'm cheating myself and my viewers. This first came to my attention when a subscriber pointed out what they noticed as a decline in quality. While I don't agree with them completely I will say that I feel like it's high time a new Garry'd Mod video be made. A real one this time, no less than oh...five minutes and featuring heavily in Mr. Barrel.

As for Paranoia, my custom map project. It's going very well despite the minor upsets along the way. Not only that, but I think it's reaching a critical apex. Yes, I think it might finally be coming to a close. Eventually.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Following last weeks tirade, which I still feel strongly about, I want to tell you want else happened
last month. First of all, I got a new computer. It's really snazzy but I got it just a smidgin too early for the free upgrade to Windows 7. Don't blame me; I didn't get to decide when the computer was to be bought. I've gotten used to the new channels on Youtube, but I still feel stongly betrayed by them.

I'll post more later if I remember that I forgot something.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I am Extremely Upset!

This is what happens when cooperate idiots decide that doing the exact opposite of what the people using their product want is a good idea! These new channel layouts for Youtube are ugly. Not only that, but Youtube is being intolerably stupid in insisting on using these "new" clunky, obtuse, and hard-to-use-in-any-and-all circumstances God-Forsaken trash of jumbled stubbornness. The word "Stubborn" really is the only way to describe people who, after recieving what I can only imagine to be thousands of emails from very angry people who are not only unhappy with the proposed change in layout but are activly revulsed by it decide to go ahead and change everyone's channel to this absurd and absolutely unneccisary change. At least give us options!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Nipper has his own blog and nobody told me? Since when!?

Friday, September 4, 2009

You Know What I'm Excited About? Volume One

You know what I'm excited about this week? Zeppelins. Infact, airships in general are just a great form of travel. They're visually striking, especially when they fly overhead in that slow monolithic way that they do. Slow is also an integral part of the zeppelin experience. Some might say that zeppelins are too slow and that they're inferior to crass barbaric jet engine technology. But zeppelins are slow in a graceful way, taking their time to get to their destination. Zeppelins let the passager take time to look down on the landscape from their lofty lighter-than-air cabin.

Not only do zeppelins have that old-world charm of the turn of the 20th Century but they are so iconic. Consider how many times zeppelins make apperences in Science-Fiction and Fantasy (which as far as I'm concerened are still two very different genres!) especially Steam-Punk. Theres an inate appeal in art-deco, steam powered machines and of course zeppelins. This is why I loved Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge as much as I did, zeppelins in a fantastic setting.

Speaking of which, I never got to see Sky Capitan and the World of Tomorrow for this very reason. You see, when it came out I was but a wee lad and my parents didn't think too highly of zeppelin-centric entertainment. Maybe I'll review it someday if I ever get to see it, or any movie for that matter.

So yeah, this week I'm excited about zeppelins. Tune in next week for another exciting chapter: Sweden.

Also, I made a new video but you already knew that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Angry Update! Videos!

I recently uploaded a video detailing my trip to the Comic-Con. Calling it a fun, unforgettable even simply would not be enough. I got to meet people who I only thought of as text on my monitor, David Malki !, Chris Hasting, and ever Leonard Nimoy. Either way, this videa sums up the experience well.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie Review

I saw Julie & Julia the other day. At first it was just a way of getting out of the house which I had not left in several days at that point so I wasn't expecting much. It was obviously a lady movie that would be about food and how horrible men are or some such like that. Thankfully my presumptions were wrong and I enjoyed it very much. For the first time in a while I can say I enjoyed every character, which was nice. I did notice however a shift in tone whenever the movie switched from Julia Child's perspective to Julie's, which makes sense. The world of Julia Child seemed so jovial while Julie's was just a little cynical. Over all, just an enjoyable movie to end the summer, four and a half Polands.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Good news everyone! I just made a new video today which I'm sure you will all greatly enjoy. I'd hazard to guess it'll be awarded several gold cups. What's that you say? What ever happened to Paranoia? Don't worry progress on the map is still going swiftly and will be completed summarily. What neither you nor I can do is convince that rabble in the streets to give up their senseless struggle.

Friday, July 17, 2009

PARANOIA: Huge Money

So Guys, I'm making a map for Half-Life 2, and incidentally my third post ever on my blawg. It's called Paranoia and your going to want. I've been uploading videos showing off new areas every so often to the Youtube. Heres the newest one. The aim to it all is to make a surreal and creepy map where the player must solve puzzles, explore, and occasionally fight stuff. Y'know? So far everything is going smoothly, especially so since I've learned to make workable displacments with Hammer. So yeah.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Movie

So, I just watched Donnie Darko last night. Finally I got to find out what TvTropes was talking about this whole time and I must say I enjoyed it. To me, there is nothing not to like about nightmare hallucination rabbits and time-travel plots. The general weirdness of it all overshadowed the teen drama which some people might find distracting of contrived. Also, I really did not expect the ending but I'll just leave that to you readers, all two of you, to see. Over all, I give Donnie Darko four and a half Polands.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It Begins

As my first post, with careful use of italics mind you, I would like to make it apparent that I have many artistic endeavors in the form of videos for the Youtube. But I'm sure you are all aware of that. I'm sure you will all find this to your liking.